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Lexapro - when will the withdrawals quit, was on for more than 5yrs?

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LaurieShay 12 Sep 2011

Hi now what,

Withdrawal from stopping an antidepressant cold turkey can last a week or two depending on the person. It is best to taper off the Lexapro rather than stopping abruptly. What dose Lexapro were you on and how long has it been since your last dose?


rvnew 13 Sep 2011

I've never taken Lexapro but I had been on antidepressants for about 5 years, the last one being celexa. I stopped abruptly when Iost my medical and could not afford the script. I after about two weeks I went to bed one night and heard a loud noise in my head that caused me to sit straight up in my bed. It was very unpleasant since I never experienced anything like that ever! I went back to sleep and everything was ok. Then it happened once again about a week later, I think, and then it never happened anymore. Then after about a month I came home around 6 or 7pm and I felt so sleepy I rushed to the bed just like you rush to the bathroom when you can't hold it any longer. I took my clothes off immediately and had to lay down. My husband brought my dinner to me in bed. That happened only once in my life and I know all these things were related to not being able to taper off the antidepressants. free discount card

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