I started Lexapro 7 years ago and 6 months ago decided to stop. I did so semi gradualy (how my doc recomended) 10mg... then 5... then stop.
That did not work well for me. Brain zaps, major irritability were my worst complaints. I then went back to 7 mg and tapered slowly. I have now been off completely for about 12 weeks. I can tell you that it is getting harder and harder. I now have facial numbness... headaches... feeling of being very overwhelmed with the littlest things. I also am now convinced I have somthing like MS or Lyme disease... Oh how this is so hard.
I feel like I am a mess and cant be the person I want to be because of being crippled by this. I have been taking the omega 3's but thats about it.
I am hyper sensitive to everything so taking any homeopathic remedies scares me becuase its not regulated.
I am so thankful for this site because according to any of my docs this is my anxiety coming back and until I googled Lexapro withdrawl I was staring to believe them.
I am so tired of trying to diagnose myself. Is it hormones??? Is it Thyroid??? My mind is crazy.
I am sorry for this lenthly letter its just one of those days...
My best wishes to everyone that we get through this.
One more question is anyone going after this drug company for doing this to all of us. I dont know about you but going through this is very costly.