I'm 5'11, 140lbs, male, pretty much no body fat. I've been an addict for 4 years now. Due to tolerance I am taking at least 160mg (2x80mg) Oxycontin in one sitting per day. For the past year or so I've been only taking Oxys on the weekends and taking suboxone during the week. I am taking a blood test and I definitely know that they will test for oxycodone/contin. My test is this friday (4/23). The last time I used was last wed through sat. Used 160mg/day wed-fri, and used 240mg on sat which was the last day I used. Now to give an idea of my metabolism. . . .I think I have a pretty high one. For example, I was a chronic pot smoker for 3 years straight with maybe 10 days off in that span. I had to take a piss test for probation and decided to stop at least a month before my test. Well just to ease my mind, I bought a drug test kit and tested myself a week before my test. A negative on my test would be a line regardless of how faint it was, as long as a line shows, its a negative result. Well, my line was SOLID just after pretty much 21 days sober, which tells me I was probably clean for a few days before that. So again in short, I'm taking a blood test, last time I used was this past Sat (240mg), test is this friday (which gives me 6 days clean), and I have a pretty high metabolism.