I am 22 years young and I been taking 10mgs of Lexapro for about 2years and 3months for my anxiety. Before I got on lexopro I had really bad anxiety everyday to where I couldnt breath, my heart starts racing, palms sweating, and I would get scared. Since I been on lexapro it worked i stopped having anxiety my life was better. But just a week ago I had to check in with my doctor for a refill on my prescription and she took me off it because I had been taking it too long she said I should have been on it for 3 months which confuses me because my doctor always gave the pharmacists permission to keep my perscription going then she changed me to celexa 20mgs she told me to try it but only when I need it and also gave me a prescription of Zanax 25mgs for insomnia. Im not going to take the new prescription my doctor recommended me I dont trust it I know nothing about it and top it all off my doctor said she dont like Celexa for me but prescibed it to me anyway so im not taking it. It has been days since I stopped Lexapro and I been having withdrawals I have upset stomach, nausea, dizziness, shock like sensations throughout my body, it makes me want to stay in bed until these withdrawals pass, Sensitivity to light and noise when I turn my head it hurts Its horrible and I get hot for no reason, irritable, and frustrated. I cry cuz i dont like feeling like this I want to get better but I dont know when its going to end. I thought I was the only person that felt like this but after reading a bunch of people that have withdrawals from Lexapro like me I feel better and not alone. Im not going to take any medication im going to do without anxiety pills I know im strong and everybody else that has withdrawals from Lexapro. We can get through the withdrawals