2 years ago I recieved the lupron shot for my cysts and Endrometriosis. It worked great, I then lost my health insurance and went off of it, and had painful episodes 2-3 times a year, then on April 12th 2011 I started on the pill to stop my periods, I started bleeding May 3rd and have been bleeding since and in and out of the doctors office all this last week with excruciating cramps, it feels like Im in labor, with the pelvic bone contracting. I recieved the Lupron shot yesterday, I have finals this week, and a 4 day train ride to take next friday to see my children graduate from high school. Im sick of the pain and bleeding, when can I expect relief? I thought the doctor said I would feel better in 3 days, maybe I misunderstood, maybe he said 3 weeks. Please help, this it taking a toll on me emotionally. I just want to feel better, and Im tired of taking pain meds.