I have been working in the Fitness Industry for over a decade now. For the past 3 years straight, I have gone from Norco, then Methadone, to Suboxone. Suboxone being the last, at .25mg per day. I am on day 11 of withdrawal cold turkey. It hasn't been agonizing( when in comparison to methadone withdrawal), BUT it is no walk in the park. I think the mental monster is starting to take it's toll on me. I teach 9 classes of intense, intermediate aerobics a week, plus I am a Personal Trainer... I have NEVER felt my muscles as much as I feel them now. I just need some reassurance that there is in fact light at the end of this tunnel. Because of it's half-life, should I be expecting several more weeks of this? I am usually unable to slow down, and yes this WAS prior to any addiction. I have been off of the methadone for 4 months, and from there straight to Suboxone. BIG mistake for anyone trying to break the habit. It only prolongs the sickness. Anyway, I pray that I can get my life back as soon as possible... I NEED MY ENERGY!! Any immediate responses would be well appreciated. People have been stating that if you do exercise, that it helps your endorfins kick into gear... WELL, what's up with mine? I am doing it daily!! Thanks to all and God Bless!