I take Avinza 60mg at night for chronic debilitating pain (IC, Fibro, IBS, etc,). I had some leftover nucynta 100mg that my Urologist had prescribed before I went back to my pain doc and got back on Avinza. He has given me tramadol 50mg as a breakthrough med. I asked him about using nucynta instead as it worked well for me, but he said I couldn't take the two together. From what I've been reading (and I've taken tramadol, Ultram, etc over the years) the tramadol is much more dangerous than was originally thought. I know Nucynta is failrly new, but Drugs.com showed it to be less of a problem with Avinza than it did Tramadol.

Has anyone got any opinions or had any experiences with any of these meds as combination treatments?

Thanks, Cleo