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When takeing suboxen can u take oxy codonie?

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Jt6577 27 Nov 2010
IhearttheOcean 28 Nov 2010

No, the Suboxone will block the Oxycodone. It would be wasting the Oxycodone.

Shay flake 8 Feb 2018

How long about

IhearttheOcean 8 Feb 2018

Depends on the person and how much Suboxone is taken. But if you take a small amount of Suboxone, sometimes the Oxycodone can still work a little but a lot of the effects will be blocked. Once 18-24 hours passes the Sub not going to be having much of any effect anymore. But be very careful taking it to there way around. If you take Suboxone too early after an opiate, you will get immediate withdrawal.

booter46 28 Nov 2010
unchjm 28 Nov 2010

no you can't, it will be a waste. The suboxone blocks the oxy from working, believe me you will not feel the oxy AT ALL.

Shay flake 8 Feb 2018

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