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When starting Jolivette do you start with the inner ring of pills or outer?

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DzooBaby 21 Oct 2011

You start with the outer ring. These are the Pills with the active ingredient in them. The inner ring is the inactive or "sugar pills". They give your body a break from the hormones and allow you to have a period. They are designed, mainly, just to get you used to taking a Pill each and every day so it becomes routine and it also helps you keep count of how many "off" days you should have before you start a new pack. You dont have to take these inner ring Pills if you dont want to, but I would suggest that you do, just so you get it ingrained in your head that each and every day you take a Pill until it becomes ritual like brushing your teeth etc. (Some women choose to just pop it out and throw it away just so they can keep count and know exactly without thinking when their next pack is due.) I think it works best to go ahead and take it until, like I said, it becomes ritual and you wont forget to take a Pill every day. After you have been on them a while it seems as if it becomes easier to forget them, sometimes, unless you have that ritual down. Pick a time that is significant and regular for you. Some women find upon wakening works because they wake up the same time every day-as long as you remember on weekends when you may sleep in. Some find taking them at a mealtime works better, say, if they always have lunch at noon etc. Whatever time of day that can be a stable time because it is best to take them at the same time. If you do miss the time by a few hours it doesnt matter overly much as long as you do take a Pill every day. Taking them around the same time makes them slightly more effective because it keeps the blood levels a little more consistant. free discount card

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