I started ortho-tri-cyclen-lo the sunday after my period ended. I am 17 years old and I have never used birth control before. I got it at planned parenthood. I currently am going to take the last pill of the 3rd set of blue pills tomorrow and then I start the green inactive pills in the middle.. So I was wondering if I should be expecting to get my period when I take the green pills? I haven't had an spotting since I've taken the pills. I have taken the pills at 9:30pm every night except last week was daylight savings time and the time went an hour back so I still look it at 9:30 of the new time. I have been experiencing abdominal pain once or twice a day for the past week or 2 I'd say. It would only last a few seconds but it would feel like menstrual cramps like I usually experience before I'd get my period. So I'm wondering when I should be getting my period and if those pains are normal to experience the first month since my body is adjusting to it.. please help, I'm starting to really worry.