I had always worked on my feet, even after I recovered from my auto accident, with the help of a good pain doctor I worked another five years as an animal care specialist (again though) always on my feet. In the last couple of months I have been having problems with varicous veins. I have alot of spider veins, but I have a very serious varicous vien that runs from my groin all the way down to my knee. It seems lately that it turns dark blue at the side of my knee and that is the pain that keps me up every night. Of course, it just has to be on the oppisite leg from wjere I crushed my foot in my auto accident. I have made my doctor aware, but I am on alot of pain medication and there isn't really anything he can do. I was just wondering if anybody may be experiencing the same problem. I was also hoping until I can get to a specialist (or even the ER) I fear, someone may have some advice or a home remedy... ANYTHING! really, I am in as much pain as I was right after my auto accident. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Fall Queen