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When low back pain is so severe that you can only limp, should you still do light exercises?

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itsmetoo2 31 Mar 2010

Walk in a heated pool for starts.
When you feel better let us know and then we can give you more suggestions.
In the mean time get a good work up with your doctor to make sure this is nothing major and needs immediate attention. Please, surgery is last resort. I said Last Resort !

Hope you feel better soon

christineATU 31 Mar 2010

itsmetoo is right! Unfortunately for me, surgery was not an option but a must. You could also try laying on your side, knees slightly bent, with a pillow between your knees. It will relieve some of the pressure on your spine. Hope you have a pain free day and good luck to you!

kimmie1 1 Apr 2010

I would ask my doctor! That is pretty simple. If he/she suggest not then do not. If it would only make things worse then there you go. Do what your doctor suggest. We are not doctors, or at least I am not. Best to ya... kim

christineATU 1 Apr 2010

Not to be rude kimme as we all know, we are not doctors. I haven't read one answer that would hurt him in anyway. As a matter of fact, the very first answer suggested a complete work up with his doctor. The suggestions here are very small baby steps and certain positions to help relieve the pressure. Were here to exchange ideas and stories. Please don't be mad at me because I do think you are a great asset to this forum. You are a very bright person and I enjoy reading your Q and A's.

subzero58 1 Apr 2010

try taking a hot bath with epson salts.that stuff realy works. get a moist heating pad,they cost a little more but was worth it. start doing stretches nothing major.ez does it. you can hurt yourself if you overdo it. pillow between your knees is a goog idea.

christineATU 1 Apr 2010

What's the medical theory behind the Epsom Salts? :) No, really, why does it work? I'm curious.

subzero58 1 Apr 2010

honestly i don't have the foggest. but everyone from my babu on down to my p/t guy used swear by it ... (babu,ukrainian grandmother)...

Chronic Boo Boo 1 Apr 2010

The above suggestions have always worked the best for me. My pain level never drops below 7, so the exercises are like torture for me, I never usually get past the stretching part without crying and having a wee tantrum.
So I agree, be careful on the days when the pain is intense, the exercises might make things worse.

Ultimately,I would ask the Dr. s/he knows your body and is familiar with the way AS has effected you and would be able to offer you the best suggestions. free discount card

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