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When it says 10/325 of oxycodone does that mean it is 10mg of oxy or 10mg of acetametaphin?

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christineATU 20 Mar 2010

10 is the oxy the 325 is the acetaminophen.

christineATU 20 Mar 2010

Not to sound cute but, if the oxy were 325 you would be dead.

mpvt 20 Mar 2010

That depends on how tolerant you are to opiates. I would never take oxycodone unless I absolutely had nothing else as it was just to weak. I would grab up 120 5 mg percocets and take them all in a couple hours. So that's 600mgs of oxycodone and I am still here ( i don;t know how but I got lucky and didn't mix drugs).
For someone who doesn't take opiates then even one pill can leave you feeling nauseous and lousy. So be very careful with any opiate pain killer and take them as prescribed... Dave

christineATU 21 Mar 2010

You had it pretty bad, Dave. Glad you're still here to answer our questions!

becky11001 23 Mar 2010

I used to take up to ten or fifteen perk 10s a day.. and I am still here. I was a serious drug addict once upon a time. Now, I find a pill, and usually trash it.. i am not trying to get back into that shit. ..

christineATU 24 Mar 2010

Congrats to you Becky! Keep up the good work. Unfortunately, some of us have no choice in the matter. I am fortunate that mine is only a severe injury as opposed to a terminal illness. There's no question I'm addicted, but still look forward to the day when I can begin to taper down under my surgeons guidance. free discount card

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