i've had 5 surgeries since 2008 -- 2 months ago, i had bilateral knee replacement and although i'm in pain (nothing i don't believe i can handle w/help from motrin/aleve... I HOPE) i'm down to 16mg (4 pills, script calls for 8 4mg (32mg) of hydormorphone a day, nothing else. i've been on vics./percs./ fentenal, then methodone (which took me off the fentenal) and while in the hospital was put on oxycontin & hydormorphone... my husband filled the script when i came home, i took about 7 of them, as the pain was excruciating! I have about 80 left over which will be flushed as they always frightened me... i want to move foward, not backwards... i'm so sick of medication "owning" me and am getting by... almost 4 yrs is too long... heck, 1 day is too long to waste... any suggestions, please? :)