in my urine he would not give me my meds. I have severe medical problems. The problem i found with this message is, he said i couldnt even have a patch on. Although i had planned on quitting after Christmas, he took the joy out of what i wanted to do. Now everyone is saying the only reason u r quitting is because of the Dr. I think he should have at least given me the opportunity to quit without all his threats. One of his favorite mottos is " i got the carrot and u r the rabbit." He is a great doc outside of this and is known all over the us and Europe. He has written 4 novels.Within 10 days of seeing this guy he dropped me 60mg per DAY on my methadone but did give me 3 -15mg of oxycodone a day, which i have been on for over a year anyway. I am feeling the effects of coming down on the meth. I have been on it for 12 years. This guy freaks me out. Is there anything i could take to diminish some nicotine in my urine without messing up my doses of the others. pretty stupid question huh? If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated.