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When I intercourse with my wife she feel very pain & she is not interest in intercourse?

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subzero58 6 Mar 2010

first let me tell you that im a man also. so i know how importent this question is to you. maybe u should take her to a doctor right away. i belive you need to see an OB/GYN. my girlfriend just said to me i could not know how much pain she could be in. maybe it could be a yeast infection or something that you need to take serious. right now is not the time to even be thinking about intercourse.take her to a doctor right now.

sharon30mun 6 Mar 2010

A few year ago I was having severe pain with intercourse turn out to be ovarian cysts and of course my husband at the time didn't seem to care that I was in pain, all he wanted was sex and to prevent the fight i would do it then endure the pain for days to come.

so please take her to see OB doctor

Delila 7 Mar 2010

Has it always been this way? If so it could be to do with her anatomy, some womens wombs are positioned further forwards than usual, and can cause pain having sex in certain positions. I agree she should go to gp

missy2 7 Mar 2010

hi maybe the two of you should find a gyn that's your wife is comfortable with and get ck'd out. husbands and wifes are to be one and that's a free playground when it's working. i myself had problems , endometritis and adomyotris (spelling) and had to have a partial hysterectomy but was able to keep my ovaries so no hormone replacement right now, but was the one best thing i did for myself in all my 56 years and i had it when i was 32. i hope this has helped you with any decisions you two need to make. missy

AnnetteMarie 9 Mar 2010

I too had major pain after intercourse, sometimes for 3 days afterwards.
It could be a number of things wrong, from vaginal dryness to cysts to endometreosis. I've had them all. She needs to see a doctor and have a sonogram done to see what's going on down there. Until then, please be patient and understanding with her pain.
So until her pain is addressed, why would she want more pain??

jacy53 10 Mar 2010

Ha my wife no pain but get no noggie. What be maybe wrong. Boner good and strong. She not like sex now. Before ok but a man need this very much. I finally figured out she is in the change, not interested any more need to find sex partner for now she say ok go get it some were but not here. My hand not work me no more, need better time, not like hooker. Have to take testime every day. Me very horny now and no happy fun time. What I do. Any help me now.ANY need good lover

Hortis 13 Mar 2010

hil hebeeb i am almot 75 yars older and i still work some time this businis abot not wanting it coulds be more than juts not wanting to give it up she maybe havin woman isuues how pole is she. my wife went tru the sane stuff cack in the late 60 and it shows a cyst im not sayin that is it this is just my expariance, you shoudl run her in to the clinic and get thsi checkd out or you my frind my be out of luck fer awahile

Inactive 29 Apr 2010

Im sorry im not trying to be funny or mean but what kind of language are ya'll speaking cause I can't understand any of you. Also to answer that question where is the pain coming from down below or is it questionable she might be having back pain I know my back make's me not want to have sex sometime's cause it hurts my back. free discount card

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