Well he wanted to make sur e that I was taking all of my meds since I do take alot for a broken tailbone and panic arracks and depression. I'm wondering if one of the meds that I am taking is making it look like weed in my body??? I've heard that lots of Ibuprofen can do this to you and I wana know if its true or if one of my other meds is doing this?

Here's a list of what I take:
ibuprofen 800 mg
norco 10/325 6x a day
soma 350 mg 2x a day
treximet 85/500 mg. as needed not daily
diclofen Pot 50 mg. 2x a day
protonix 40 mg 1x a dat
pristiq 100 mg. 1x a day
klonopin 1 mg. 3x a day

Could one of these looke like weed in my urinalasis??