... time I got lightheaded and had a rapid heartbeat. We waited and it subsided after a few minutes and we continued with the procedure. We attributed it to the Epinephrine used along with it. The second time we did not use the Epinephrine. We used more Polocaine to make up for it. This time I also got dizzy and had rapid heartbeat, the rapid heartbeat subsided in a couple of minutes but the dizziness lasted an hour and a half. Needless to say we did not proceed with the root canal! I felt sick for about a week or more afterward. I have now been allergy tested and am not allergic to Polocaine. I am a little nervous to let them try giving it to me again. My endodotist thinks I should take Valium, that it is probably panic related. I am not so sure, and a little nervous to be sedated if I have a reaction again. My PCP thinks the symptoms indicate low BP. Any insights?