... OCD) and possibly ADHD (the doctor's think I do, but I don't know if I agree). I dislike medications. I am ok with medication for everyone else but hate it for myself. I am very reactive to medications and so I have tried may different kinds. I have the least amount of side effects with the current combo of Lexapro and Clonazepam that I am taking. I take both of them in low doses. I am at a crossroads where my medication is not effective enough so I want to taper them off since I seem to always have so many side effects and I do not want to go through the process of trying to find a new combo or increase and/or change my current regime. I actually started tapering a week ago and that was all I could last. I was so sad, depressed, cognitively challenged for the week that I went back to my full dose. I just am sure if my complaints are a result of my diagnoses, a side effect of the medication or a side effect of tapering off the medication