this only started because of things that happened in the police. since i have been fired on an injury on duty and we lost everything. i can't keep a job, i feel like i am worthless most of the time, no sexdrive, irritated, some days not even interested in getting up!
i am on 60mg Cymbalta twice daily. nightmares, not interested in conversations or anything. i am married, have a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful children, i just can't seem to commit myself to anything anymore. we struggle to survive, my husband still is a policeman. he also suffers from post traumatic stress. he is ok at the moment. my eldest has a learning diorder. the youngest will be entering grade 1 next year and is a bundle of brilliant energy.
my house is always in disarray. we live in the same yard as my parents, in our own little flat.
i feel like just running away most of the time as the smallest little thing will set this crap of these days. i was never like this!!! i used to have new ideas and a lot of drive in my life. i was superfit. i loved exersize. now i feel like a dead weight. hubby has to come home from work and do the dishes and the washing?
am i just lazy? is there a "magic" pill somewhere i can take to make this all just go away?
some days i just want to give up, but i can't and won't because of a supporting(sometimes he doesn't really cope with my nonsense) husband and my lovely kids.
this has been ongoing for about 10 years. we only found out what the problem was about 2 years ago.
i would love to register this as an injury on duty. i know it was because of the stuff that happened in the SAPS.(south African Police service). problem is this would be the first of this type of disorder to be registered as an injury on duty. i am mad and disgusted that these people just did what they did and are getting away with this. help?