My son broke his femur bone, and we found out that there is a weak spot/cyst on his bone.Bone byopsy was taken, He has two pins in the bone and was put in a 1/2 hard cast(ankle to hip) On a refferal we saw an ortho doc (not our reg doc)and he removed my sons cast and told us to make him start walking on it. It has been 2 weeks, and also told us that he wouldn't do anything for the cyst. Now why if a cyst has made a weak spot on the bone, and the bone has broken would you not do anything with it. We were told by 3 other doctors that he would need to have the cyst scraped out and fill with bone chips, none of them being in our state( accident happened while on vacation.) I am trying to find out as much info as possible on why he would have told us to make him walk on it, and not put a cast on it, and not do anything for a cyst in the bone? Please help!