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What are the symptoms of brain cancer / brain tumor? Is frequent headache a sign?

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DzooBaby 1 Mar 2011

Frequent headaches are usually not brain cancer. Actually many people who have brain tumors present with a seizure as the first symptom that leads to testing and a positive diagnosis for brain cancer. Headaches can be a symptom of a brain tumor but usually headaches are due to another cause. If you have frequent headaches you should make an appt to see your healthcare provider. Many times certain foods can produce headaches-cheese, chocolate, and red wine to name a few. It is good to keep a headache diary keeping record of when headaches occur, a description of the pain, where it is located, is it dull or sharp, what you have eaten that day, what things work to reduce headache pain, any other symptoms like sensitivity to light, nausea, vomiting etc. This can be helpful in determining the cause of headaches. Have a conversation with your healthcare provider soon.

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suzanne66 2 Mar 2011

The signs and symptoms of a brain tumor vary greatly and depend on the brain tumor's size, location and rate of growth.
General signs and symptoms caused by brain tumors may include:
New onset or change in pattern of headaches
Headaches that gradually become more frequent and more severe
Unexplained nausea or vomiting
Vision problems, such as blurred vision, double vision or loss of peripheral vision
Gradual loss of sensation or movement in an arm or a leg
Difficulty with balance
Speech difficulties
Confusion in everyday matters
Personality or behavior changes
Seizures, especially in someone who doesn't have a history of seizures
Hearing problems
When to see a doctor
Make an appointment with your doctor if you have signs and symptoms that concern you. These may include headaches that progressively worsen, are particularly severe, are always in the same location, or are accompanied by nausea or vomiting or by blurred or double vision.

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maryconners 24 Aug 2011

yes it is a symptom but not to worry-it could be chronic sinitus too. presents kinda in the same way. I would discuss this with your doctor and see if you can get a CT to rule it out and find out if you have a sinus issue as well. Best wishes. :)

enlightned 12 Jan 2015

I got my first brain tumor at the age of 32 yrs old.My first symptoms were relentless headaches,sensitivity to lights,nausea,then finally seizures.All headaches that will not go away should be checked by a Dr.It also depends where the tumor is located.I have since had another brain tumor with different symptoms pain was different,and one was near my ear so my balance was off.I currently have a brainstem inoperable tumor,with many symptoms.I have horrible headaches,neck spasms,alot of nausea,grand mal seizures ,and heart issues because the tumor is affecting my heart rate,and blood pressure.So all tumors cause different issues.Please do get anything check you aren't comfortable with.My common sense has helped me write a journal,with symptoms how long they lasted etc.Good luck. free discount card

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