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What's the quickest way to get oxycontin out of your system?

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Inactive 10 Jul 2010

The quickest way to get it out of your system? STOP TAKING IT!!!

Inactive 10 Jul 2010

^haha, well yes i think that stopping taking it would definitely help. As well as looking at other threads on this site that probably have the answer, and google, which definitely has the answer. Opiates stay in the system anywhere from 3-10 days

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christineATU 10 Jul 2010

Let me ask you something grey, are you willing to bet your right arm on that answer?

Inactive 10 Jul 2010

... uh, thats what my case manager told me when i failed a drug test for opioids. Shes said it varies between different drugs and how much of it was used. So i guess not, haha. Why do you ask?

Also your metabolism has a lot to do with how fast your body can 'clean its self out' so to say. The higher your metabolism is, the faster the metabolites of the drug will be processed.

I dont know in total certainty that 3 - 10 is the right answer, but i do know that the reason i failed that drug test for opioids is because 5 days before i took it i was snorting oxy 80s at a party.

Inactive 11 Jul 2010

ooooh A Challenge... what say ye grey???

chris you really make me laugh... thanx

Inactive 11 Jul 2010

My husbands doctor one time told him that it takes no more than a month for marijuana to clear his system boy was did he feel stupid when it was still in his system past a month. The lab told the doctor it can sometimes take up to 3 months and that was almost exactly how long it took my huband to be clean it took 72 days to be exact. We use to be everyday pot smokers this is for people that have been smoking since they were like kids(me and my husband).

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