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What's the difference between Lexapro and Zoloft?

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Inactive 22 Aug 2010

They are both SSRIs anti depressants, lexapro is used for anxiety and depression in adults and teenagers age 12 up.-

Zoloft treats (OCD) obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

SSRIs can cause chemical unbalances which can cause what they can treat,
to me it is a a paradox.-

Take care---

jamelleo 22 Aug 2010

I have been taking Zoloft for several months and my husband recently started Lexapro. This difference is I am alive and he isn't.

My husband was prescribed Lexapro for anxiety and stress. Six weeks later he killed himself. I have lived with my husband for nearly 17 years. He has always had a little stress and tension in his life. Mostly due to caring for his parents, children and grandchildren and constantly worrying about his siblings. He was a true family man. The day before his death he had canned green beans and tomatoes. He took his grandson for a haircut and got one himself. He did a little work for an elderly couple a few miles down. He worked in the garden when he got home. We had a spat. I figured he was hot and tired due to working outdoors in 90 degree weather. But nothing really different than any other. I figured it would all blow over just like all the others have before. The next morning he was gone from a gun shot wound to the head. The day of his death, was the same day as his nephew's birthday party. He worshipped his parents and his father's birthday was the following day. Their 50th wedding anniversary is next month. My husband and I have been planning a party and looking at new wedding bands for over a year now for his parents. We had planned to take the kids to Coney Island that week. He has a new grand baby due in October. He was a wonderful man who looked at least 10 years younger than he was. He had energy and stamina and would help anyone who needed it at any time. And just like that he is gone!

Beware it can cause what it is supposed to treat!!!

Inactive 23 Aug 2010

I am so very sorry and touched at the same time by your loss.

I read your answer and I can tell by the way you write, you are a very good natured person an aslo an amazing human being.-

And the paradox is that these medications can cause what they are supposed to treat.-

All the best and take good care of yourself.

Andres.- free discount card

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