My husband has been on OxyContin for several years now and, fortunately has been able, up until last month anyway, to get the "real" OC's (as opposed to the OP"s). He's been afraid to even try the OP's due to all of the side effects and possible danger to the liver and heart. (He is a heart patient with stints that clog easily and is not willing to take the chance of the plastic coating getting up inside his arteries. When he went to get his prescription filled this month, Walgreens Pharmacy said that they were out of everything but that they should be getting a delivery in two or three days. Well, he went back after the scheduled delivery time and the truck had made it's delivery but with no OxyContin at all. (Either the OC's or the OP's.) As it turns out, no pharmacy in our area has received either versions of these medications. (My husband knows the pharmacist well, and she made the calls for him, as he would not be able to get any answer himself.) So, now my husband has been without any medication for a few days and must go see his doctor again to find out what can be done for him. It's pretty scary when you can't get the medications you need, especially one that can cause severe withdrawl symptoms and possible death due to these. (Which is possibley why so many patients who have been taking the OP's have been so ill. The coating is just not dissolving in order to allow the actual medicine to get into the body's system, thereby causing withdrawl symptoms.) So, that thought expressed, I was wondering if anyone has heard of a recent litigation involving these meds? It seems that this would be the only reason to have both versions removed from distribution. Thank you for your thoughts.