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Whats the best way to stop useing persription drugs without going to a treatment center?

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dannypoo 29 May 2010

Well their is not much detail to this post so I am going to try my best, by prescription drugs Im thinking maybe painkillers because those are pills most people are having trouble getting off of because they are highly addictive. I had a problem with percocet I was taking them recreationally and i became addicted, if this is about pain killers you can go to a doctor and take suboxone thats what i did because its made to take you off without all the withdrawal symptoms but this is an outpatient way of treatment but you may be required to attend some group sessions, you will have to talk to someone. If you dont want to do this than your only way out is to stop on your own, you can try weening off of them or stopping cold turkey but sometimes that can be dangerous if you are taking an excessive amount. The doctor is probably the best way to do and just do the outpatient because weening off and cold turkey is extremely hard i had tried so many times, But i hope this helps and good luck.

fall queen 29 May 2010

useme, . If you are willing and able to safely detox yourself, you can do that. You will need someone who cares for you to make sure you eat, drink tons of fluid, get shut eye whenever you can,. nights awake can be the worst. Keep your detox area (your bedroom) sanitary and keep up with all your personal hygiene. Keep a eye on your blood pressure and as soon as you possibly can get some exercise, swimming is the best if that is an option. You will need a twelve step program. If you fall just get right back up. If you have been abusing benzos or alcohol, you may need to at least have a doctor keep up with your vital signs. You might feel like you want to die, you won't. All the withdrawal symptoms are just your body's way of saying YUCK ! Hope you feel back to normal as soon as you can Fall Queen

fall queen 29 May 2010

useme I hope you didn't take any offense about your hygiene and your bedroom, it's just that it will make you feel better, if your surroundings are neat, and you WILL need showers, as you will sweat alot. Feel Better Fall Queen free discount card

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