I was wondering the best way to go about asking a doctor for a script. I have panic attacks which lead to me either going home to hide from the world or I get very ill tempered. Recently (with my girl being pregnant and about due) I've been having these more frequently and more intense. I've been prescribed a lot of medicines in the past that have not worked. Recently I started buying 2mg pills off the street. and usually half to a whole one does me right for most of the day (sometimes have to re-dose 1-2mg later though). Should I be honest and tell him these work for me and tell the back story? I dont want to seem like a drug addict as I dont take the pills even daily but as needed with stress of the pregnancy and other things. I dont like the other benzos because they get me "messed up" to where i cant function (especially klonopin). Ideas? (this'll be my first visit with the Dr. as I moved recently too)