I tried the OTC's but no relief?
What's the best anti gas RX? I've tried the OTC extra strength and had zero results.
I take 3 oxycodone 7.5mg a day for pain... not abuse and nothing stops the uncontrolable bad gas I get.Also can you detox without clonidine and vestaril? I have no insurance and $'s real tight.I know the thomas recipe and amino acid's help. I've been on these for pain for over 3 years and never abused them. I even cut back on the pain meds. I do take a sleeping pill/benzo every PM. Will the post acute withdrawl syndrome and sleepless PM's hit me real hard for weeks if I quit the oxy's and sleeping pill? I'm 53 yrs old and weak, walking and a brief swim is about the only excercise I get.My neck has limited disc's c5/6/7 and my back has degenerative disc disease. I eat well but the gas is unbearable.Also can you eat red meat after detox I heard it causes more inflamation and pain. I Drink alot of water and also have the urge to pee all the time.Getting old!!! After some nasal sprays caused a yeast infection I was on yeast infection meds for over 3 months , I changed my diet and the yeast RX's killed my stomach.