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Whats lidoderm patches for?

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Inactive 18 Apr 2011

"Relieving pain associated with herpes zoster (shingles).

Lidoderm Patch is a local anesthetic. It works by stopping nerves from transmitting painful impulses to the brain."

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BRRMARS 18 Apr 2011

its like getting a shot of novicaine. it numbs the skin and helps to calm the nerves down. it is strictly topical does not go in your blood stream, very good. you can overdose though so be careful, no more then four patches at a time withiin a 12 hour period.

caringsonbj 18 Apr 2011

after I caught a fall in February of course I had to pay the regular price for them, Insurance pays on them (as far as I know for Shingles herpes Zoster)
the relief I got was that the Lidocaine which is in them relieved the spasams that I had along with the fractures, I have been fortunate enough to be on other medication and am not using them now.

bipolar4life 18 Apr 2011

I am sorry but i couldnt hold it in we are all different i guess
my pain specialist put me on them gave me so many samples too thery didnt do anything for me and were rather annoying they kept peeling off and i have alot of animals which if they lick it the med part that goies against your arm they can become severly sick but of cxourse f they worked i would be using them i remmebr i had a bunch of tape stuck on me to keep them on finaslyy i gave up and stuff they just werent for me. watch when u discard them especiaslly if u have small children or sanimals fold them so the med part is closed and put them in a plastic baggy so just in case they get into the garbage u dont have to worry
lol janymak

BRRMARS 21 Apr 2011

i totally agree with you about them not sticking they do not do that well at all, my doc gave me this kinda medical grade glue to use and that helped a lot.

madhattersbash 24 Apr 2011

I agree with Bipolar, they didn't do anything for me! However, they DO work for my husband--so, as she says, everyone is different!
Good Luck to you, Mary, madhatter free discount card

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