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What's better for neuralgia? Baclofen or Soma?

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madhattersbash 2 Mar 2011

Hi: I have never taken Baclofen, so I can not speak to it. However, I have been on Soma (generic) since 2006, and it has been a miracle drug for me!
I have cervical stenosis and chronic neck and shoulder pain. I can not even lie down in bed at night, as I can't put any pressure on the back of my neck!
I go to a Chiro at least once a week, but he tells me that my ligaments just won't hold my discs in place--therefore, I can not 'hold' an adjustment!
In 2006 I started Prolotherapy, and that seemed to help--but it was very expensive, and we had to drive back and forth from Naples, FL to Sarasota once a week. That doctor is the one who put me on the Soma. It was the first time in over 30 years that I had been able to sleep thru the night--a wonderful 'side effect' of the drug! Some doctors will not even consider puttng you on it, as they think of it has a narcotic. Others realize what a gift it is to some of us with chronic pain. It should NOT be used is you have an addictive personality--but otherwise, as long as you check it against your other meds, there shouldn't be a problem ( and it is not overly expensive). I have never had to increase my dose in all these years--it just keeps working every night!! It is a muscle relaxant--and that seems to be what I need. I tried all kinds of pain meds, and it was like eating candy--NONE of them even touched the pain!
I hope this helps you.

gamrgirl48 2 Mar 2011

Thank you so much for replying to my question, your answer was very helpful, and you seem very knowledgable. I also have very bad leg cramps at night, and took baclofen for that and it seemed to help that, only took for 30 days, My Dr. says they're very similar so I don't guess I'll be able to take both.So far the leg cramps have'nt come back since I started taking the Soma, so hopefully I've found something that seems to be working for both. wish me luck:))

madhattersbash 2 Mar 2011

If the leg cramps do return, you might try taking Magnesium before you go to bed. My doctor says 200-400 mg. to start. ***Be careful, as it can cause diarrhea.
Glad the Soma is working for you!

Inactive 3 Mar 2011

I also am prescribed Soma, and find it works well to relax muscles. Your advice is indeed very wise, and I must say I LOVE your username!!! free discount card

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