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Whats a good recipe for hydrocodone withdrawels?

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Inactive 23 Jul 2010

You came to the right place my friend your question will get so many responses you might wanna get comfortable to read them all. 1. The thomas recipe 2. going cold turkey 3.weening of the drug with the help of a doctor 4. suboxone or methadone treatment 5. to elaborate i think my good friends here at can help with that. They are all good recipes i think the best would be cold turkey with the help of love from family or friends or us cause we will always be here for you 24/7 and you can find the thomas recipe by googling it good luck my friend i hope something works out for you!

Suzzy B. 22 Feb 2012

I am experiencing Hydro withdrawels. It seems to hit me severely in the intestines, diarreah, and gas pains. Narrowed down Hydro to one a day in the am and took Tylenol Xstrength as replacement. (Just had spinal fusion of L4-5 --- no less twice within a week as first surgery the screws all came out! Had emergency surgery then.) Was on Hydro for nearly 2 years before surgery. During surgery they put me on the Oxy's after the squeeze pump of morpine.
After several weeks on OxyIR, I begged to get back on Hydro as I felt it was a lesser drug. I never felt "addicted" to it? Yet, I took it everyday. (stupid and dumb I guess, but also was in pain.) After surgery the back seemed to be much better and I wanted to eliminate the Hydro. I was taking it 4 times a day, then 3, then 2, then finally 1 and then OFF.

barbles2413 23 Jul 2010

Your Doctor will have the safest and less painful withdraw you can get anywhere. Take it from someone who wishes they had because one year later I am still trying to get straight free discount card

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