I have a copper IUD (which I absolutely love) and do not actually need pregnancy prevention or PMDD help nor do I have irregularity issues, but I do want to skip my period in september for my honeymoon.
I explained this to my doctor and he said it was possible to skip a period with BC especially since I have a few months for my body to adjust to it. My doctor gave me 2 months sample of YAZ and after reading the reviews I'm scared to death to take it now. I see lots of people complaining of weight gain and bloating, decrease sex drive and moodiness. I definately dont want a lacking sex drive on my honeymoon. The weight gain and bloating really scare me b/c I struggle with weight as it is and my ankles swell DAILY already. The last thing I need is something that will make that worse. Plus I've already bought my wedding dress so I cant afford to gain any weight. I've been working very hard to stay thin (having lost over 64lbs). However I will only be taking this pill for 2-3 months if I do decide to take it. Am I just being paranoid about the weight gain in such a short time? Does anyone have any suggestions of another type of BC that might be better since I'm only using it to skip a period. One that has less potenital side effects of gaining weight? THANKS