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Whata the expiration time on a xanax pill?

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Inactive 24 Jul 2011

skins77, I take xanax, but I'm not sure of the expiration date. Call the pharmacy and tell them when they were filled and ask if they are still good. Someone else may pick up the question and can tell you but I'm not sure.

Inactive 24 Jul 2011

Good call Von.

Inactive 24 Jul 2011

thanks maso, :) V

caringsonbj 25 Jul 2011

usually medications like this are good for up to a year but just to be on the safe side far better you check with the pharmacist where you purchased this and just be sure. far better to be safe than sorry

Eve54 25 Jul 2011

usually the expiration date is from the day you fill the meds for 1yr, thats what i was told, but your best bet is to call the pharamacy and give them the RX number and they should be able to tell you if its any good. hope this helped some. free discount card

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