dear friends, yesterday, I was happily cleaning house and hanging with my boys, and my lower back started to hurt, I sat down to play the piano and the pain got even worse. I tried to stand up straight and it REALLY hurt. I laid down on the couch and my boys brought me advil and ice. 20 mins later I tried to sit up and I couldn't even take the pressure of sitting up on my lower back. I couldn't stand, sit or walk in less than an hr w/o doing anyhing to my back.

ER, no pain meds due to taking 2 mgs of suboxone for nerve pain,
IV Valium, and Toridal and 8 mgs of sub, and an MRI. The dr. came back and said,"your back is really messed up." I asked if that was what all the Dr's were calling it these days and he said," you have severe degenerative disk disease" (already have it pretty bad in my neck, fused c4-7)," all of your lower back and you also have at least one herniated disc."

I could walk with a walker so I got to go home. Tues, I see a neurosurgeon.

I was fine. This was so out of the blue. I can't believe how bad it hurts-more suboxone, up to 8 mg every 8 hrs, Valium and Toridal every 6. As long as I have someone to take care of me and as long as I can get myself to the bath room, I can stay out of the hospital. I am in shock, in pain, I can barely move (I am laying on my side typing w/one finger on my iPad). Can anyone tell me what happened, or/ and why? what happens next? I don't know what to do. sincerely, Harmony