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What works to help a person get off pain relievers more comfortably and without a prescription?

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moe0759 4 May 2010

hi honey my name is monique and i am in a pickle also about pain meds... What i know is that you should taper off them slowly and keep hydrated with alot of water and gatorade..You will need alot of support also friends or family... YOU will feel awful if you try to do it cold turkey... I know but from what other very helpful very nice people on this site said to me you should get some immodium ad and some advil and alot of vitamins but you can do it the best of luck honey if you need a friend im here...

god bless

shoegirl1 4 May 2010

I wish so badly that I could have an answer that would make you feel better body & soul but I don't think there is a comfortable way to do it. I have been going through it for over a year now. I have chronic back pain & the dr's I was seeing would not change my meds or my dose & I had been taking about the same thing for the last 8 years so I had a huge tolerance. After awhile I just took the pills when I needed them & would always run out. Eventually I took them just because. It is the worst thing. I finally went & started taking suboxone which truly helped but I still had the back pain. I went to a different dr. I told him the truth but he actually put me back on percocets but at a much smaller does than I ever been on since all of this started 13 years ago! This dr, as they all claim, was really going to help me...

Buddy1971 4 May 2010

You think you have it bad,ive been on 100mg morphine & four 4 mg Diluadid for over 3 years,but now im on 8 8mg diluadid & my tolerance is through The roof. Like The other person said clonadine will Manage your blood pressure,klonopin,valium,adivan will keep you calmer I don't know about ambien because its not a benzo,but it might help The person sleep which as you probably know is a major problem,just laying in bed And floping around never able to get confortable & what I call " Jimmy legs" where you can't stop kicking your legs. Ensure seems to help cuz of all the vitamins in it. Im just about to call my doctor & see if I can drop 2 of the 8mg Diluadid & get one of my 100mg M.S Contin back. Methadone is cheap & given in The correct dosage works well for pain,but if the person wants to get off all of the narcoticts,than the benzos & clonadine will help but he/she is still going to go through hell unfortunetly. There's no real easy way exept methadone & then keep dropping the dose. Good luck. J

fall queen 4 May 2010

Hi ukimmy, The standard protocol for opiate withdrawal is this. There is a blood pressure med. called clonidine which is used to get rid of those awful headaches that come with withdrawal ( your blood pressure will be higher than normal) The second med. is called phenergan, it helps with nausea. Problem is they both require a script. You have recieved some very good advice already so if I say it again don't get confused. Warm baths for achey muscles, lots of water and something like Gatorade. If you can't eat try jello, sherbet and ginger ale, but all should be sugar free. Chicken broth and saltine crackers might be tolerated by your stomache. Now you must catch sleep whenever you can, as nightime sucks when the rest of the world is asleep. As soon as you possibly can, you must exercise. Swimming is the best but I am in Florida so I always have access, but any low impact exercise is a must, it speeds up the body to get rid of the "toxins".

christineATU 4 May 2010

The only thing I can add to the great advice you have already... keep your mind focused on the end results. Healthier, happier, and more money in your pocket. Some day, I promise you, you will look back and think, "What the hell was I thinking about?" FALL QUEEN has given you some excellent advice, she has been through so much. Good luck to you and stick to the plan!

nikicole1986 4 May 2010

My husband was on lortabs for pain had collapsed lung it happened agian and he still in pain but is off lortabs he had no choice stop them cold turkey but dont do that i would get on slow taper from your doctor dotn try do it on your own its very important you have support and loved ones near by its not fun nor easy but at the end of the day its for the best and will feel amazing after all said done good luck on your hard journey wishes with you free discount card

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