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What works best for toothaches?

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Marvell 9 Oct 2011

If it is unlikely that you will need a tooth extraction or something major done then ibuprofen would help. You can also take this with acetaminophen.

litlmommag 9 Oct 2011

Ok your not gonna believe this but get some kids motrin or advil even tylenol liquid put it directly on the tooth and gums let sit forr at least 20 seconds spit out remainder the tooth will be better with in a minute. Don't us orejell or ambasol in my experience makes it worse. That will work to keep the pain away but an antibiotic will be needed if its infected. Trust me my husband kids an I use this even when the wisdom was infected it took away the pains and tears of my big man. Jaime } litlmmmag free discount card

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