i have been taking tramadol for just over two years,and due to the prologned use and severe pain i take it for, developed a physical dependance. as my tolerance grew, so did the amount of pills id take a day. it started with the prescribed dose, and has grown upto 16 pills at once a day with maybe one or two later in the day. right now I am taking b/w 10 and 13 pills at once in the morning, with maybe a few later in the day too. i have several times either ran out of pills or attempted to get off the medication, but the absolutly aweful withdrawals i absolutly CANNOT deal with. it is the only thing keeping me on this medication right now and i want OFF asap.
i have heard from many including one toxicologist that suboxone can work, but in doing more research there are alot of critics. what would be the best way for me to get off this medication?
the two options im considering is either cutting completely and doing suboxone but im terrified of having withdrawals,or tapering down slowly. or is there a better option out there? does anyone have more than an open opinion but a legit answer for me, either through experience or having medical expertise in this field? i want this to be done with as soon as possible..with hopefully no withdrawals :(