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what will happen if a person drinks alcohol (vodka) while take suboxone?

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Robert_325 28 Jul 2009

Probably nothing if they drink ONE mild screwdriver while on suboxone. You're NOT supposed to drink alcohol with suboxone however. Here is the link to suboxone and you'll see alcohol is not supposed to be mixed with it if you read where it says what should be avoided. Be careful.

itsmetoo2 29 Jul 2009

Hi Kemo,
Robert is so right, that using Suboxone and alcohol is not compatiable according to the make up of the drug.
If you read up on Suboxone you will see that mixing it with alcohol "can" case respiratory distress and possible death. So if you are on Suboxone to get clean from drugs, you may have defeated that purpose. As alcohol is a drug.
The mixture of the two sounds like living on the edge.
BTW ... It is great you asked so you and others can learn. To good health !! free discount card

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