I am curious to what your symptoms were before you started the gel? I am 32yrs old and my saliva test came back low on testosterone and my blood work came back at 455 which range is 300-800, on the low side for a 32yrs old but of course my family DR. said its normal. My symptoms started last year after drinking heavily and taking tylenol pm on a regular basis. My symptoms are tired all day even when i get enough sleep, brain fog, fatigue, cant focus (concentrate), memory is lower, body is weaker and lost weight but i have changed my diet to all healthy foods. Would love to stop losing weight since i am 6' tall and 167lbs. i was 212lbs. I have been on androgel for 4 days now and still feel crappy, i kind of feel worse. Is this normal???
How long to start feeling the effects of androgel? Once my levels rise to a good level will i be able to discontinue the gel and will my levels stay there? Thanks!