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What vitamin can I take for hot flashes, mood swings, aches and pains, all this is related to pms?

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sTigerrr 4 Jul 2010

Hello... I'm not certain of any vitamins that are helpful for this, I'm sure some other members will be able to recommend some great suggestions for you, but I just wanted to give you a non-medication suggestion since you seem to be searching for something natural to help you as opposed to something pharmaceudical. Peppermint oil (theraputic grade, essential oil- made by a good company like Young Living ~ may provide relief from cramps when applied topically (try diluting with a "carrier oil" first, as peppermint oil can be potent, before trying it straight- you can use olive oil to do this).

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kstacy52 29 Nov 2011

The vitamin that works for hot flashes & red hands is called Zalestra. Find it on Amazon & look for the best deal. It also gives you energy & helps with weight. Absolutely the answer. I suffered for years till I found it. Give it a month & take two in the morning after breakfast & one after lunch. Don't take it too late in the day.

kimmie1 4 Jul 2010

You might try a local vitamin store or ask a pharmacy. Have you talked to your doctor? I still have hot flashes and I am 55ys old. I want this to go away.
If you find something over the counter please let me know.. Thanks kimmie1

Inactive 4 Jul 2010

I read long ago that B6 ( pyroxidine) helps with pms, nausea, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It help reduce excess fluid, so, it should help with pain by getting rid of inflammation. I also took it to reduce nausea during pregnancy, I am not sure it did much for the nausea though. B vitamins are excreted in sweat and urine and are not likely to build up and be toxic although I am not sure what would be considered a high dose. I took about 200 mgs per day. free discount card

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