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What types of Medications are out there for Nerve Pain... simuliar to Lyrica?

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Inactive 10 Jul 2011

hello there DMullinsBaker. I might suggest cymbalta. There are people here on the site who use it, and many do so with success. Its Sunday, enjoy your day, best wishes to you, and of course, everyone who might be reading this.

LaurieShay 10 Jul 2011

Hey DMullinsBaker,

The two that come first to mind are Cymbalta and Neurontin. Both of these are non narcotic and are prescribed for nerve pain. Other meds for this problem can be found at the following link:

Hope this helps,


Inactive 10 Jul 2011

Also, Savella is used for nerve pain associated with Fibromyalgia.
Many antidepressants are used for neuropathy as well.
Best wishes to you

4health 10 Jul 2011

Neurotonin (I may be off on the spelling). It's a first response drug to nerve pain. It is a more conservative drug that Lyrica. Anti-seizure drugs are typically prescribed for nerve pain. Good luck and good health.

Inactive 11 Jul 2011

Hey 'D', welcome. This is a site with a tremendous amount of information. In fact, between all the people together, you will get more information than even your doctor has. Be a fly, and check out other questions from other groups. They are sure to have answers that you might need.

Inactive 11 Jul 2011

Hi msfino,
That doctor let you gain 90 lbs before taking you off of that med??? He/she should be given a spanking!!! That must add to your pain levels, my heart goes out to you gurl,

Inactive 11 Jul 2011

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