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What type of urine drug test will detect Soma use / abuse+?

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fall queen 1 May 2010

foxnews, Soma is a barbituate and sometimes you are tested for it, sometimes not It really depends on the reason you are being tested. If you have a prescription for it you will be fine, if not I don't want to give you advice unless I am positive I know exactly what I am talking about. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but I hope I helped you in some small way. Fall Queen

till33 7 May 2010

soma is not a barbiturate i dont know where you got that is crispodal that is the generic there is something called soma compound which has codeine in it but if you just took the regular it will not show on a standard urine test

fall queen 7 May 2010

till33, I don't know if a said Soma was a" barb". If in fact if I said that I standed corrected But, I know I said in a random check for "barbs" it would come up positive. Do not comment on this as I have experienced it firsthand. I do certainly appreciate you tutorial if feel so much more educated. Fall Queen

T-Ton 6 Jan 2018

till33 it's actually Carisoprodol and that is the active ingredient in Soma! Generic name Dan is one of many! Smarty-pants

christineATU 1 May 2010

Fall Queen is right. It all depends on what they are looking for. Some places request testing for only illicit drugs, weed, coke, meth. Is it for a new job, probation, custody hearing, post accident? It really depends on what the test is for. Another factor is the costs for testing. Bottom line is if they test for barbituates, you will show positive. And since you mentioned the word "abuse" I sure hope you have a prescription for the soma.

fall queen 1 May 2010

hey chris, I have missed hearing from you. I hope all is well. I don't ever sign out so lots of times people thinkl im online and im not. Please feel to contact me anytime as I am always here for you. You have been such a great help to me , great answer by the way!

christineATU 2 May 2010

Thanks Queen. Taking it one day at a time here. Right now, I'm just blah. I'll write more later, past few days have been pretty crappy. I'll write more later. Let me know if you came up with a plan??

christineATU 2 May 2010

Did I fail to mention I'll write more later? lol!

till33 7 May 2010

none will show for soma

fall queen 8 May 2010

till33, Well if you knew why did you ask? But both tmes I have been tested those were the results that came back. Two different labs, one for pre- employment and one after I fell at work ( just standed at the company) the difference was I wasn't concerned about it beacause it was presribed by my doctor.

fall queen 8 May 2010

So I guess you win, I only added what I knew to be true by way if my experiences, so let it go already! free discount card

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