The new doctors that I have here, have taken me off of the pain medication (Hydrocodone), which I have been taking for the P.A.D in my legs for the past 7 yrs, ( without me abusing my pills). Now they have taken me off of the pain pills, and one doctor even told me not to walk ( exercise that I have been doing) the 30 minutes anymore. I have been forced to wait for almost two weeks in pain , plus she has replaced the pain medication with an "All Day Relief" brand caplet pain pill, which is not any relief to the pains that have been attacking my legs for the past three weeks. I was told that the doctors are now not authorized to write any pain medications anymore.
Having a hard time resting or sleeping, but she hase given me some fake pills ( Mapap PM- extra strength caplets, which are pain releiver and sleep aid to try and sleep with. What is the diffrence in the two pain relievers that she prescribed and the hydrocodone that I was taking?.
I will be waiting for an honest, medical and professional answer.
S.H..SW Miami, FL.