Ok, I am going for another Epidural Transfermal (SP??? ) shot. The last one I had was last April. I was told I couldn't get another one until they figure out why my blood pressure has been getting too high. I just got an OK from my primary doc, because I have been taking Lispinoril (sp??? ) and my blood pressure have been doing better. I also take Atenelol for MVP.

Ok, back to my question... I have only had three of these, and they do help out with my herniated disc in lower back (L5,S1) radiculapathy, neuropathy. It helps with the burning in my left foot and the tingling and pain in that foot. I still have problems, every day, with my lower back area and some in the hip.

I am starting to learn about the names of different shots and wondering what works for you for a particular part of the body and how often. Worried that the insurance might not approve for certain ones, but love to learn.

Thanks a lot!