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What to use to pas a cocaaine drug teest?

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Inactive 8 Oct 2011

Not to use any.

Take care,

booter46 9 Oct 2011

That is right right answer and it makes sense.

Tee6759 9 Oct 2011

Maso, my dear new friend, you couldnt be further from the truth if you tried! that was a priceless but most truthful answer!!!

In peace,

booter46 9 Oct 2011

yes priceless

Tee6759 9 Oct 2011

Booter, if there is anything I can ever help you with, let me know. Im a pretty good listener, and so is Maso. He is a super person as well. We would both be glad to help you in any way we can.
In Peace,

Tee6759 9 Oct 2011

Booter, Im so sorry, I saw your name, and posted to the wrong one, Im such a doofus! i shouldve addressed that to the other person! My bad!! so sorry!!!

LOL, valium gets me every time! Pain stinks! Im so sorry, Hon

Inactive 9 Oct 2011

Thank you my friends... you are both super stars!

Your friend,

Tee6759 9 Oct 2011

Maso, I am such a mess tonite, its downright pitiful

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