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What to take for pain when have it everyday from mixed connective tissue disese?

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Marvell 9 Jan 2011

There are so many classes of pain management medicines and your doctor is the best person to give you advise about it... by assessing your situation.

ldyundertaker 17 Jan 2011

my daughter was dia. 6 months ago. please connect me. 931 9205091

paininthe 30 Mar 2011

i was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue 7 months ago i took the prednisone and the mexotrexate and i have not had too much pain but i take tramadol every now and then and aleve works for me

zeppo 18 May 2013

Yes a qualified doctor would know best. I did feel compelled to chime in with agreement with the last statment on mediction preferrence to numb the pain.
Tramodol or Hydrocodone and Advil or Aleave. I take one each Advil for inflamation and the Aleave as a good pain blocker.

princessmari 16 Jan 2013

I was taking aleve for a bit until it did not work for me any longer and my DR decided to put me on cellcept added to my other pills I'm already on prednison and hyro...

Mama Jean 5 Jun 2013

I was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease 12 years ago. I had terrific joint pain where I felt like I was in the body of an old woman..I was 47 at the time. My rheumatologist put me on Imuran, and it took away all my joint pain. Ask your doctor about it. free discount card

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