... decade long addiction to prescription opiate medications, including going to a methadone clinic for two years, that only ended in relapse. It seems like I should be feeling like I've won some sort of a battle; my craving is not gone, yet severely diminished. However, I still do not feel what I would consider "normal" or any enjoyment from doing daily activities. It's like I'm a drone, just going along, not hurting anyone, but with no passion or desire for anything. I have attempted to become involved with more activities, have even started training for a marathon, but everything is just met with such a bland sensation. I Have an understanding that it takes some time for opiate abusers (espeically to the degree of which I was) to return to normal brain-chemistry wise, but does anyone have an idea how long this could take, and what I might do to alleviate the current staleness until then?