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What tests do doctors use to check for fibro and RA?

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Inactive 17 Apr 2011

Hi jfb,
I was diagnosed with fibro ten years ago, and the diagnostic process was sort of the process of elimination. The docs did a draconian and painful test (forget the name of it, but someone will recall it, so hang in there!) that uses needles and electricity to determine nerve damage. My docs also palpated areas of my body that were especially tender, and found "trigger points".
I just had a ton of blood work done to determine if I have RA, so that is all I know about it. I will let you know when I see my Rheumatologist what tests were performed, as soon as I have my appointment.
Does your doc suspect both fibro and RA? If so, don't lose hope, it can all be controlled (to a certain extent) with meds.
Best wishes,

justfranblue 17 Apr 2011

aahhh! the nerve test! i had it last year. it was very painful but no nerve damage was found in my neck. not a fun experience! my pain doc suspects fibro but wants me to get tested for everything (RA, lupus and so on). first i want to finish my detox from hydro and be clean for a bit so i can get familiar with how my body feels on its own. i will get tested for fibro after that. i have been putting it off for years b/c i'm pretty sure i have it and i don't want to hear it. i know that is stupid. i really don't want to have it and i'm sorry that you do. doesnt the pain frustrate the heck out of you at times? how do u deal?

Inactive 17 Apr 2011

Yes, the pain is frustrating! But my motto is "it could be worse"!! I try to stay positive and keep my sense of humour razor sharp, it helps me, laughter is the best medicine!!
I also want to do the "ostrich thing"... stick my head in the sand, as far as the RA diagnosis goes, but I need to find out, and so do you. We can be strong and face these problems head on, grab the old bull by the horns, ya know? (Mixing my metaphors here, sorry!!)
So go forth with courage and don't get blue over your diagnoses!! You will get great support here as well, and that helps!!

Inactive 17 Apr 2011

Lara (sweetlemon) is right. A blood test is done to determine RA. Fibro is different, & a lot of doctocs don't know how to check for it. A Reumatologist does.You must havr 11 Sore or tender trigger points to "qualify" for a fibromyalgia diagnosis. It's not hard; you can actually tell youself. Are you sore between your thumb & index finger? How about right below the elbow on the upper side? How about on top of your shoulders between your shouder & neck? I could go on, but you should get the medical diagnosis. Hope this helps you. There are all sorts of meds that are not narcotics that help with fibromyalgia. Just be very aware of certain side effects, & read up on any medication you take. ..

Inactive 17 Apr 2011

I just answered your question, & then git the fowolling FDA report on Enbrel, please read it thoroughley Goodluck :

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Inactive 17 Apr 2011

Great info, thank you! I'd rather live with the pain than take that stuff!!!

madhattersbash 24 Apr 2011

Hi: I was 'diagnosed' with Fibromyalgia back in the early nineties--mostly by eliminating everything else first! Finally, in 2001, I got the correct diagnosis: low thyroid! WIthin a week of going on Armour Thyroid ALL of my muscle, tendon and ligament pain just disappeared (except for that caused by my cervical stenosis), and I actually started feeling human again (no brain fog).
So, if the current testing does not give you an answer, keep hypothyroidism in mind... Good Luck to you, Mary madhatter free discount card

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