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What side effects will there be by taking Wellbutrin, doxycycline, propanolol and trazadone?

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Sacosam 22 Mar 2010

In order to answer your question honestly, i'd have to read up on those drugs, try it , it's good for you ! Sacosam

missy2 22 Mar 2010

go to the top of the page and look for interactions checker and it will tell you how to look up you medications and see if there are any interactions.missy

Sacosam 24 Mar 2010

hi again, this time My answer is... "A LOT OF 'EM"! Sacosam

ojustme37 12 Apr 2010

Thanks for nothing! If you don't want to help, why are you even letting people think that you have the intelligence to be of service.

subzero58 12 Apr 2010

hi ojustme, is your doctor perscribing these meds to you? if you take all that stuff who know's what might happen? if your asking here then your even worried about that mix. we here at can only tell you about our kinda sounds like your lookin for our approval. i know i wouldn't want it on my conscious if something happened to you. what are you gonna say if something does? subzero58 said it be ok.

christineATU 13 Apr 2010

An anti deppresant, anti biotic, sleep aid (mood stabalizer) and I;m not familiar with the other one. The only thing I can tell you is Trazadone is very "Old School" as far as sleep aid and stabilzer. From what I have heard. The only thing I can suggest is to be proactive in your treatment. If you have any doubts ask. If you need to ask again, ask. If your doc blows you off... get a new one. Good luck to you. free discount card

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