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What side effects can I expecfrom having a pain pump implanted next month with 0.1 mg of Dilaudid.?

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scoot1724 31 Jul 2009

Dear Janet, I honestly don't know what side effects you could experience. Try looking it up on Google or even a physcians reference guide. One of them should be able to help. Maybe even a pharmacist would be a good idea. They seem to know so much more than docs these days. Whatever you find out one thing is for sure--the dilaudid WILL help your pain and isn't that what it's all about?? mary

Anonymous 1 Aug 2009

Thank you for you comment. Due to the experience I have had with the trial run I have decided not to get the implant. I am not ready to give up driving or living my life in a 'fog.'
Guess spinal surgery number five will be my only option for now. Thanks again, Janet

itsmetoo2 1 Aug 2009

That is a big step. WOW!! Have you had a second opinion? If it was me I would. There are other steps, that is why I would ask for another opinion. I sure hope you will not be driving, or operating any machinery for yours and others sake. I want you well, that is why I suggest seeing a 2nd opinion. Not in the same city, as you need a clean opinion. Check out a University Med. School as they are on top of all new solutions or studies on your pain problems.
Best Wishes

Anonymous 1 Aug 2009

Thank You! Due to the bad experience I have had just from the three day trial I have decided not to get the pain pump implanted. It has been the worst week of my life. During the insertion of the catheter a nerve was hit and now I have severe pain in that area. You
are right about driving. I am still in a 'fog' three days from returning home from the trial run. I think I will opt for my fifth spinal surgery before doing an implant. Thanks again.

itsmetoo2 2 Aug 2009

Like I suggested, GET ANOTHER OPINION. !! Surgery is very iff'y at the most three times is the max. You really think the same doc. is gong to do a better job in the fifth time? You now have scars and adhesions that will never clear up. Check out a University Med. School as they are on top of all new solutions or studies on your pain problems.

Anonymous 2 Aug 2009

Thank you again for your comment. I did get a second opinion before my third back surgery, and the doctors I got the second opinion had the same diagnosis as my doctor. And that outfit is associated with U of L Medical School and Hospital. But, I appreciate your comments. Janet 1940 free discount card

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